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Mabon Harvest Home Ritual
Mabon Harvest Home Ritual Mabon, held on or near the autumnal equinox, is the second of the great harvest Sabbats, sometimes called Harvest Home. Just as Lammas celebrated the first…
Lammas Abundance Ritual
Lammas Sun Ritual Lammas is the time of the first harvest fruits, when the seeds planted at Ostara have grown and flourished. Now, they begin to repay the time and…
Litha Sun Ritual
Litha Sun Ritual Litha, or Midsummer’s Day, is the peak of the bright half of the Wheel of Life; the summer solstice, when days are at their longest and living…
Beltane Fire Ritual
Beltane Fire Ritual Beltane, or May Day, has a dual significance to the Wheel of Life in most temperate climates. For those who till the fields, it is the time…
Ostara Seed Ritual
Ostara Seed Ritual Ostara (or Eostre, or the Vernal or Spring Equinox) is the time of Spring planting in most temperate climates. In times long ago, when we all lived…
Imbolc Divination Ritual
Imbolc Divination Ritual An original & empowering Wheel-of-the-Year ritual for the solitary practitioner Imbolc – literally “in the womb” – is a time of first awakenings, the first warming of…
Yule Rebirth Ritual
Yule Rebirth Ritual Yule brings us deep into winter’s cold. The nights are now at their longest and the sun low in the sky even at noon, weak and seeming…
Samhain Gateway Ritual
Samhain Gateway Ritual Samhain (pronounced not “Sam Hayne” as you might expect, but “Saween” or “Sawane”) brings us well into the cold times of the year, the harvest finished now…